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Where to Use
Emulsion Paint
Wall areas of masonry and wood (Modern high performance acrylic multisurface paints are suitable for previously unpainted wood and metal if properly prepared and primed)
Come in matt and satin finishes which give protection and colour. Apply with a shaggy roller for large areas, or use brush. Exterior emulsion paints are commonly water-based, so are easily cleaned up with soapy water.
These paints are microporous, allowing the painted surface to breathe, so minimising blistering and flaking otherwise caused by moisture coming from within the building. Brushes or roller are easy to clean up with water. These paints come in one or two coat systems, using primer/topcoats.
NOTE: the gloss levels from these acrylic water-based paints may not be as high as solvent based paints – but the finish will be flexible so it is less inclined to crack under thermal or dimensional changes
TIP: Don't paint on windy days – dust and dirt will get blown and stick onto your freshly painted surface! Coverage per litre: 12sq.m
Masonry Paint Wall – Masonry, Render, Pebbledash, Concrete, Brick These come in smooth or textured finishes and are also available as 1 coat products. Contain fungicide for anti-mould properties. Give a smooth finish which resists dirt pick-up; textured finish will hide minor imperfections.
TIP: to check that the existing paint is stable, rub using a dark coloured cloth – if the cloth picks up a chalky deposit, scrub the wall with a stiff brush to remove loose material before painting. Coverage per litre: 7sq. m
Gloss Paint Exterior Wood and metal Gives a tough and durable protective finish. Also available as 1 coat paints. Available in satin or gloss. Are dirt and mould resistant, non-yellowing.
TIP: Some require a primer so check the tin before starting! Clean brushes immediately after use.
Coverage per litre:15-18 sq.m
Floor Paint Concrete (garage floors), stone (doorsteps) Tough and durable paints, to withstand heavy wear and tear. Can be water or solvent based. Apply with roller. Ensure loose bits are wirebrushed clean before sealing, priming and painting.
Metal Paint Gates, drainpipes, garden furniture, garage doors etc Designed to give protection, they come in gloss or satin finishes. Remove rust prior to painting – use wire brush and fill pitting with epoxy based filler (a rust inhibitor). Degrease the surface prior to painting metal in thin layers using soap and water. If spraying, wear protective clothing, including goggles and a face mask, and ensure the protection of surrounding areas.
Specific Use Paints
Waterproof Paint Metal gutter/drainpipes and concrete These are bitumin based to create a waterproof surface. NOTE: Cannot overpaint waterproof paint with ordinary paint – it can only be repainted using another bituminous paint.
TIP: Shield the area behind drainpipes etc before painting. Brushes need to be cleaned with paraffin – take necessary safety precautions!
Decorative Effect Paints Earthenware plant pots, ornaments, etc Used to decorate flower pots. Verdigris and bronzing effect paint products are also available.
TIP: apply direct to substrate, don't apply a primer which would cause blistering.
Protection Products Wall Fungicidal washes – these remove mould and algae before painting. Take relevant safety precautions when applying and leave overnight to allow the fungicide to take effect. Always follow instructions on the can. Stabilising Solutions – these seal and stabilise chalking/weathered surfaces and provide a good base for adhesion of the topcoat.
NOTE: Always read the manufacturers guideline for each product as there may be variations to the general information given in the section
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